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All Geographies and Industries, All Time Zones

Clients and users of KrollConsultants services and products span the full range of industries and sectors around the globe.

From the world’s largest corporations and organizations to the leading human capital, HR and actuarial consulting firms. From large to medium to small sized clients of all types, industries, geographies and time zones.

KrollConsultants helps them all address complex human capital, HR and actuarial challenges, in more than 180 countries and 6 continents.

Our global consulting services and products provide access to an unprecedented scope of diverse international survey data, information and business intelligence.

These invaluable worldwide insights cover the entire spectrum of human capital, HR and actuarial issues in more than 180 countries. They include some of world’s most difficult and remote locations.

We do it by operating a global multidisciplinary network of local consultants, salary survey data providers and information sources, which spans more than 180 countries.

Our clients and users have learned to rely on our global capabilities, experience and track-record.

We Help other Consultants and Consulting Firms

Significant portion of our work is done for global human capital, HR and actuarial consulting firms. We also serve smaller consulting firms from around the globe.

Using our global multidisciplinary network, we complement their worldwide capabilities by bridging their global service, knowledge and data gaps in more than 180 countries.

As a consultant of consultants, we provide our services and products to other consultants on a “White Label” basis.

Our White Label Services and Products, enable consultants and consulting firms to purchase our services and products and then rebrand them for their own purposes.

Visit LinkedIn (and scroll down to Recommendations Received) to see what consultants from the largest human capital, HR and actuarial consulting firms who have worked with us, have to say about our services.

Some Numbers

Among the companies and organizations we have helped:

  • 11 Fortune 100 companies
  • 39 Fortune 500 companies
  • 48 Fortune 1000 companies
  • 57 Fortune Global 500 companies
  • 59 Fortune World’s Most Admired companies
  • 105 Forbes Global 2000 companies
  • 44 FT Europe 500 companies
  • 18 US 100 largest employers
  • 10 of the world’s 50 largest employers

Among the consulting firms we have helped:

2 of the world’s 3 largest human resources and management consulting firms

Geographies we have covered:

We have completed projects related to 101 countries in 6 continents.

Rivki Polatz - Company Administrator and customer happiness officer | KrollConsultants

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