Global Employer Egypt – Response to Devaluation and Inflation

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Background and Details

Global Employer Egypt - Response to Devaluation and Inflation | KrollConsultants

  • These events have profound negative influence on the quality of life and living conditions of many Egyptians.
  • Making ends meet has never been easy for the average Egyptian employee, but now it became a struggle.

What Global Employers Should Expect

As expected, local employees turn to their Global Employer for additional compensation, to cover for their loss of purchasing power.

  • Surveys reveal that the most common reaction of Global Employers, is an increase in the earlier planed salary increase budgets.
  • A less common reaction by Global Employers, are lump sum payments.

How Should Global Employers React

Global Employers in the Middle East , should closely monitor developments and employees’ reaction to such situations.

  • Remember that most Global employers compensate local employees on the Cost of Labor basis and not on the Cost of living Basis.
  • Mixing the two is not advisable as it could lead to expectations gap between employers and employees.
  • Supply and demand of talent set the market pay levels. Your organization’s pay levels should always be based on market pay levels for each position within the organization.
  • Your salary increases and overall compensation policy should therefore reflect only that.
  • Use market data to plan your immediate and future reactions to the unfolding situation, and get proper advice from your local consultants.

How KrollConsultants Can Help

Our Local Presence Across the Middle East

  • KrollConsultants operates a global multidisciplinary network of local consultants, salary survey data providers and information sources, in more than 180 countries.
  • Our clients are relying on our abilities and track-record in the Middle East region, as providers of actuarial, human capital, HR and management consulting services. And as providers of salary survey for Egypt and the entire region.
  • Our local experts and information providers around the Middle East come from diverse disciplines, are familiar with local culture, practices and trends and are well connected.
  • You will get proper practical guidance and gain valuable insights for your local operations in the region.

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