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The Middle East has seen immense political, social and economic turmoil in recent years, generally referred to as the “Arab Spring”

  • The Middle East (excluding Israel and Cyprus which are considered first-world countries), is a challenging environment for a Global Employer.
  • During the past years, and following the Arab Spring, many countries in the region have seen political instability, economic downturn, upheaval and social unrest, violence and terrorism.
  • These phenomenal changes have profound impact on human resources management, in the organizations operating in the region.

Global Employers in the Middle East

  • The profound difference in culture and business conduct, compared to those of the first-world, has considerable impact on the way Global Employers do business in the Middle East.
  • The mixture between formal requirements and prevailing informal practices, could be confusing.

Although unemployment rates are generally high, there is a chronic shortage of qualified and trained talent, across the Middle East.

Business travel to many locations in the Middle East, could pose personal safety hazards, limiting the physical presence of HQ management, in many parts of the region.

Though no two countries in the Middle East are similar, they share some typical challenges.

  • The region encounters economic and social instabilities, which have great influence on the well-being of your local employees.
  • In many cases, they will turn to their Global Employer, for additional compensation, to make ends meet.

While each organization’s needs are unique and highly dependent on its location and industry, these are the questions, which every Global Employer in the Middle East should be asking:

  • What are the developing trends in employment conditions, compensation and benefits in my local industry?
  • How does my organization benchmark against its local industry peers, in terms of compensation and benefits, employment conditions and human resources policies?
  • What are my local industry’s prevalent solutions, for coping with the negative influence of economic downturns on local employees’ well-being, while containing costs?

How KrollConsultants Can Help

  • KrollConsultants, a “born global” Actuarial, Human capital, HR and Management consulting firm, has been working with Global Employers and their consultants since 2001.
  • We provide them with services, products, data and information for 180+ countries, in the areas of Actuarial, Human capital, HR and Management consulting.
  • These include some of the world’s most remote and challenging locations, out of scope for most global consulting firms.
  • We have created a unique niche within the global actuarial, human resources and management consulting arena as a “consultant of consultants“.
  • At KrollConsultants, we assist other consultants by complementing their global reach and bridging their global service, knowledge and data gaps.
  • We are the partner with strong, proven global capabilities you are looking for. You will benefit from our vast experience working with Global Employers and their consultants, on diverse single and multi-country projects.
  • We operate a global multidisciplinary network of local consultants, salary survey data providers and information sources, in more than 180 countries.
  • Our local experts and information providers in the Middle East come from diverse disciplines, are familiar with local culture, practices and trends and are well connected.
  • You will get proper practical guidance and gain valuable insights for your local operations.
  • Our clients are relying on our abilities and track-record, as providers of actuarial, human capital, HR and management consulting services, data and information for the Middle East.
  • This includes niche industries and the world’s most challenging locations, for which reliable data and information are hard to come by.
  • KrollConsultants implements battle-bread working methods to fit the local environment. in each global locations.
  • Our working methods are subject to the principles of Corporate Citizenship.
  • When it comes to the world’s most challenging and remote locations, we offer the Special Task Force (STF) service.
  • The Special Task Force service is designed to assist multinationals on actuarial, human capital, HR and management Consulting projects in these locations.
  • STF bridges the service, knowledge and data gaps of the big box actuarial, human capital, HR and management consulting firms, anywhere on the planet.
  • We do it by utilizing our global multidisciplinary network of local consultants, salary survey data providers and information sources, in more than 180 countries.
  • The Special Task Force service is offered to corporations, consulting firms and other organization of all types, sizes and industries.

Who We Work With

  • From global human capital, HR and actuarial consulting firms, to the world’s largest corporations and organizations.
  • Large public and private clients to medium and small sized organizations and consultants.
  • The clients we serve span the full spectrum of continents, countries, industries, sectors and types.

Among them:

11 Fortune 100 companies105 Forbes Global 2000 companies
39 Fortune 500 companies44 FT Europe 500 companies
48 Fortune 1000 companies18 US 100 largest employers
57 Fortune Global 500 companies10 world’s 50 largest employers
59 Fortune World’s Most Admired companies2 of the world’s 3 largest human resources, actuarial and management consulting firms

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Rivki Polatz - Company Administrator and customer happiness officer | KrollConsultants

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