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Oman Salary Survey – KrollConsultants enjoys unique access to comprehensive, accurate and high-quality compensation and benefits survey, for this country.

General information about the country, can be found here.

Rare Hard-to-find Salary Survey Data, Difficult Locations

The Oman salary survey (compensation and benefits survey), includes remote and difficult locations, as-well as niche industries, for which reliable data and information are hard to come by.

Job Families (or Position Families), Levels Covered

The Oman salary survey (compensation and benefits survey), covers all job families (or position families) and all employee levels.

Local Nationals, Expatriates

The Oman salary survey (compensation and benefits survey), covers local national and expatriate positions.

Industries Covered

The Oman salary survey (compensation and benefits survey), basically covers every industry, including niche industries.

Oman Employee Benefits

Market-specific information and guidelines on statutory and non-statutory employee benefits.

Benefits include: Death, Disability, Medical, Social Security, Retirement, Parental, Maternity, Paternity, Flexible Benefits and more.

Oman Employment Conditions and Working Conditions

Market-specific information and guidelines on Employment conditions and Working conditions.

Including: Working Time, Employment Contract, Severance Indemnity, Termination Indemnity, Occupational Safety and Health, Labor Unions, Collective Agreements and more.

Oman Perquisites and Allowances

Market-specific information and guidelines on Perquisites and Allowances.

Including: Mobile Phone, Car, Transportation, Meal, Housing, School and Education, Gym, Holiday Presents, Tax Gross-up and more.

Geographic Cuts

Each position/job can be analyzed by specific geographic location (e.g. city or region).

Purchase Only the Survey Data You Need, Single job Pricing / Market Pricing

Purchase only the salary survey data (compensation and benefits survey data) you need (e.g. single job pricing / market pricing), and have the ability to obtain custom cuts of the participants with whom your organization matches competitive practice.

Salary Survey Cycle

The salary survey (compensation and benefits survey), is conducted at least once a year.

To purchase our data and for job pricings, please visit our Online Data Shop or Contact Us for any request or inquiry.

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