Special Task Force – HR, Actuarial and Management Consulting Services in Challenging Global Locations

Special Task Force (STF)

Special Task Force (STF)

  • In the world’s most difficult and remote locations. Or in any other location around the globe where you face challenge.

We offer the Special HR, Actuarial and Management Consulting Task Force service.

Special Task Force Service for Human Resources, Actuarial and Management Consulting Projects in Difficult Global Locations.

  • Our Special Task Force Service (STF), brings out the best in the key success factors we implement, to achieve outstanding results:
    • Innovation
    • Creativity
    • Motivation
    • Persistence
    • Baldness
  • We shall assist you complete complex human resources, actuarial and management consulting-related projects in these locations.
  • Hard-to-find compensation and benefits survey data, employment conditions, risk and actuarial information and other relevant insights. We shall provide these insights during the projects, as required.
  • Penetrating new countries and remote or challenging locations, usually involves issues from various disciplines.
  • Our Special Task Force (STF) service is designed to identify the challenges in these locations and to match appropriate solutions.
  • Most global human capital, HR and actuarial consulting firms have offices in up to 50 countries (mostly developed), out of world’s 196 countries.
  • But even in the countries they operate in, these global consultants would not cover all industries and sectors. In certain countries, their local offices will only offer limited services and expertise.
  • Our Special Task Force (STF) bridges the service, knowledge and data gaps of these big box human capital, HR and actuarial consulting firms, anywhere on the planet.
  • Therefore, many times, the largest global human capital, HR and actuarial consulting firms, hire us to take an essential part in projects, managed and coordinated by them.
  • We do it by utilizing our global multi-disciplinary network of local consultants, salary survey data providers and information sources, in more than 180 countries.
  • Our local experts and information providers around the globe come from diverse disciplines, are familiar with local culture, practices and trends and are well connected.

Who We Work With

  • From global human capital, HR and actuarial consulting firms, to the world’s largest corporations and organizations.
  • Large public and private clients to medium and small sized organizations and consultants.
  • The clients we serve span the full spectrum of continents, countries, industries, sectors and time zones.

Among them:

11 Fortune 100 companies105 Forbes Global 2000 companies
39 Fortune 500 companies44 FT Europe 500 companies
48 Fortune 1000 companies18 US 100 largest employers
57 Fortune Global 500 companies10 world’s 50 largest employers
59 Fortune World’s Most Admired companies2 of the world’s 3 largest human resources, actuarial and management consulting firms

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Rivki Polatz - Company Administrator and customer happiness officer | KrollConsultants

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