A multinational employer seeking to benchmark its global long-term incentives offering, or a human resources consulting firm working on a client benchmark project –

We can help you successfully complete your long-term incentives benchmarking tasks, for any country.

We enjoy unique access to comprehensive global compensation and benefits survey data for more than 180 countries, and some of the world’s most remote and difficult locations.

Survey data spans all sectors and industries, including niche industries.

Your Business Challenge

  • Attract, Retain, Motivate
    • Competitive well-designed long-term incentives have a critical impact on the organization’s ability to attract retain and motivate top talent, in any country it operates in.
    • These incentives are an essential tool for maintaining a high level of engagement, productivity and commitment among eligible employees.
  • Incentives for Achieving Long-term Goals
    • Long-term incentives goals are aligned with the organization’s long-term goals, which require sustained performance of the organization over a period longer than one fiscal year.
    • They are intended to compensate eligible executives, directors and employees, for achieving predefined long-term goals, expressed as a set of financial metrics assessed against a peer group or an index.
  • Long and short Term Incentives Mix

Long-term incentives (LTI) and short-term incentives (STI), should be designed to mix and complement each other efficiently, for achieving the organization’s long and short-term goals.

  • Benchmarking Long-Term Incentives
    • Your challenge is to identify and determine the types, mix, grant levels, eligibility and other factors of long-term incentives, for countries in which your organization acts as an employer.
    • Using compensation and benefits market data to benchmark long-term incentives, helps create sustainable, well-founded and efficient long-term incentives, which support the organization’s long-term goals.
  • Avoid the Consequences of Underpaying or Overpaying
    • Informed global long-term incentives, help prevent overpaying implications.
    • It also helps avoid underpaying, which may result in attraction, retention and motivation issues.
  • Multinational employers and global compensation and benefits consulting firms, often seek long-term incentives market data for remote and difficult locations, and for niche industries.
  • Finding reliably-sourced long-term incentives market data, for remote and difficult global locations or niche industries, could prove a challenging task.

How KrollConsultants Can Help You

A multinational employer seeking to benchmark its long-term incentives offering,


A human resources consulting firm working on a client project.

We can help you successfully complete your long-term incentives benchmarking tasks, for any country.

  • More than 185 Countries, Remote and Difficult Locations

We enjoy unique access to comprehensive global compensation and benefits survey data for more than 180 countries, and some of the world’s most remote and difficult locations.

  • Up-to-date View of All long-term Incentives Types

Our global long-term incentives market data, gives you an independent up-to-date view of all long-terms incentives types, provided to individual positions across all employee levels, around the globe.

  • Local-national, Expatriate and Third-country-national (TCN) Positions

The global salary surveys data covers over 12,000 benchmark positions, for local-national, expatriate and third-country-national (TCN) employees, across all levels.

  • All Sectors and Industries Including Niche Industries

Survey data spans the full range of sectors and industries, including niche industries.

We do it by operating a global multi-disciplinary network of local consultants, salary survey data providers and information sources, which spans more than 180 countries.

  • Our clients and users from around the globe, rely on us as a trusted source for global long-term incentives data, diverse information and market pricings, covering more than 180 countries.
  • They enjoy our global capabilities and experience as providers of diverse human resources, actuarial and management consulting services and information, for more than 180 countries.
  • These include the world’s most remote and difficult locations and niche industries, for which reliable salary survey data, information and services are hard to come by.

Our global multidisciplinary network of local consultants around the globe, keeps a close look at local corporate governance legislation related to incentive pay, while monitoring trends and developments.

  • You are NOT required to purchase complete surveys or pre-packaged survey data.
  • Our clients and users purchase only the survey data they need – from a single market pricing to a large number of positions across several countries.

We DO NOT require participation for acquiring market pricings and survey data.

  • Long-term incentives data is available by:
    • Position
    • Level
    • Country of origin (for expatriates and third-country-nationals)
    • Country of service
    • Industry
    • Organization Size (e.g. annual revenue scope, number of employees)
    • City
    • Labor market within a country
    • Participant companies with which the organization matches competitive practice.
  • Custom cuts and information tailored to your needs (e.g. more percentiles, different regression options, payment frequency), are available upon request.
  • Reports are available in PDF and Excel formats.
  • Reports are delivered via email as an attachment or as a download link.
  • Normal turnaround time is up to 4 business days from the date of purchase. However, depending on project scope, complexity and countries involved, longer turnaround time may be expected.
  • From global human capital, HR and actuarial consulting firms, to the world’s largest corporations and organizations.
  • Large public and private clients to medium and small sized organizations and consultants.
  • Clients and users of our global compensation and benefits data products and market pricing services, span the full spectrum of continents, countries, industries, sectors and time zones.

Among them:

11 Fortune 100 Companies105 Forbes Global 2000 Companies
39 Fortune 500 Companies44 FT Europe 500 Companies
48 Fortune 1000 Companies18 US 100 Largest Employers
57 Fortune Global 500 Companies10 World’s 50 Largest Employers
59 Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies2 of the World’s 3 Largest Human Resources, Actuarial and Management Consulting Firms

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